Play the ancient game of Go (also known as Igo, Baduk or Weiqi) on the internet. Connect to the Pandanet Internet Go Server, watch other people play games or play one yourself.

With the Pandanet mobile app, you have access to the thousands of other online players at any time and any place, right from your Android or iOS device.

The app is absolutely free and has no ads. A must have for every Go lover with a smart phone or tablet.

New Name

This app was formerly known as Tetsuki or Panda-Tetsuki. But from now on, look for PANDANET(Go) on the App store or Google Play.


  • Connect to IGS Pandanet as a guest or with a registered account
  • Play online or watch other games
  • Invite other players or let the server find an opponent (seek command)
  • All board sizes and Handicaps
  • English, Turkish, Dutch, German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean interface
  • Unique zoom mechanism for placing stones fast and accurate on small screens
  • Chat with your opponent or other observers
  • Reload game after being disconnected
  • Multitasking: Stay connected (for a few minutes) while switching to other apps
  • Record your live games, including variations
  • Send and recieve e-mails with SGF files
  • Watch live game reviews of important pro games, with comments and variations.
  • Easy access to other Pandanet online resources, such as the Net Social Plaza, Problem of the Day and latest Go news.
  • Runs on Android Phones (2.1 or higher) and all Apple iOS devices.

Available for Android

Pandanet is now also available on Google Play, and works great on both phones and tablets. We made this video, shortly after we released the first Android version.

Available for iPhone and iPad

Here's a demo movie that we made of the first version that ran on iPads.

Pandanet on MacWorld

Go fanatic and MacWorld writer Kirk McElhearn gives the app an excellent 4.5 out of 5. And we have added many, many features since then. Read the review

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